Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I just love this picture because it looks like Shepherd is rooting for you. GO YOU!

Also I think I will have a new series of blog posts titled You Know You're the Parent of a Baby When . . .

First installment:

Tim: Amanda, are you in your car seat?

He meant to ask me if I was buckled in, but I understood.

Friday, July 13, 2012

3 months

Shepherd is 13 weeks/3 months old today. And what a 3 months it has been! We are enjoying watching him grow.

He's happy-awake more and more, cooing and smiling, especially in the mornings. He also drools like a madman. He is starting experience a little bit of stranger danger. (Is that normal for his age?) Simultaneously, he is getting less and less fussy. He's still not a champ sleeper, perhaps because he is incredibly wiggly all night long, even when swaddled, but is doing better in that regard, too: he wakes up more like 3 times a night on average instead of 4, and he's better at napping during the day. (This probably at least partially explains the decrease in fussiness.) He loves when his dad sings to him and loves it when we talk to him in general. He's so expressive; it's so fun to watch his face.

Cheers, Baby!