Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rad baby skull!

So I did a baby shower for my dear friend Andrea recently. I was pretty nervous about it, but it turned out well, or at least Andrea thought so. She got some good presents for the youngster, so I guess that's all that matters.

We did onesie decorating (not an original idea, lest ye think I'm creative), and in an attempt to work out some of the logistics involved, I bought an old sheet from DI and cut it up so Tim and I could practice on it.

This is what resulted:

All of my fears about what could go wrong at the actual shower were of course quenched by the sheer genius of this creative work. I don't know if you remember this, but it's obvious that Tim is the one who wears the artistic "pants" in this relationship.

He was just sad that he couldn't actually decorate a onesie for the baby. I don't know if Andrea is too sad about that, though . . .

P.S. Yes, it is tacked onto the wall in our apartment. Pictures do not deceive.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Exhibit A: Recycling.

(As mentioned here, I have boxes full of all kinds of stuff, but mostly everything from all of my classes throughout my entire secondary schooling, it seems. And so I have been going through it, and with Tim's help, sorting it into appropriate piles for recycling.)

Exhibit B: Tim.

Notice that Tim is wearing a shirt and tie. Today is the Sabbath, so we're "resting," which means that we don't carry all of that recycling the long distance down to the car. We come up with some genius method that involves less work to accomplish our goal.

So we're really righteous, basically. Either that or we're lazy? Or bored?

Exhibit C: Rope.

Exhibit C: Pulley mechanism.

Exhibit D: Rope is hooked onto carabiner, which is attached to bag, which contains recyclable materials.

Tim lowers it over the railing.

Exhibit E: For the cardboard recyclables, a new system is devised. Through the handles on the box, Tim threads webbing tied together with a really beautiful water knot, which is hooked to the carabiner, which is hooked to the rope, which is . . . you get the idea.

Exhibit F: The pulley method is modified.

Notice that the rope has been removed. This improvisation dramatically improves the speed of the process.

Exhibit G: Box passing second floor.

Exhibit H (not pictured): Recycling is loaded in backseat of vehicle and disposed of in a proper manner.

Friday, June 11, 2010

In the summertime . . .

. . . we like to climb.
(If you zoom in on the photo, Tim has a really funny expression on his face. Ha!)

(I have the most terrible form. And it's not flattering.)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

a picture story

One fine Saturday morning, Amanda and Tim opened the door to their apartment to enjoy the fresh summer air.

All was fine and well: The birds were singing happily; the kitchen window near the door was closed; the pictures on the sill remained in their usual place.

Then a gigantic bee came into the apartment! No one knew what to do. Tim and Amanda stood by and watched the bee menacingly buzz around the closed window, no doubt made exceedingly angry and bloodthirsty by this turn of events. After a moment of hysterics that lasted perhaps longer than necessary, Tim finally grabbed the broom.

After a grueling battle, the bee was overcome.

Destruction was wrought.

Though Tim received no physical wounds, the broom was mutilated. Reeling from the trauma, Tim bemoaned, "Amanda, I'm shaking!"

In order to calm her agitated husband, Amanda retrieved the vacuum to dispose of the bee's corpse. Then, she took the vacuum repository to the dumpster to remove all reminders of the incident.

As she was emptying the repository, the filter fell out onto the dumpster floor. "Oh no! It must be retrieved!" she cried.

Then, Amanda encountered a problem. Try as she might, she could not get out of the dumpster! The walls were too high!

As Amanda was chillaxing in the dumpster, Tim searched out items with which to rescue her. "I know," he thought. "I'll get one of the end tables from our living room and some rope. Brilliant!" At first, Amanda didn't know how this would work. But she cooperated nonetheless. What else could she do?

Tim handed the table over the edge of the dumpster, Amanda set it down and hooked the rope around its legs. Then she stood on the table to climb out!

"Oh happy day! I am saved!"

Then Amanda and Tim rescued the end table from the clutches of the dumpster/dungeon with the rope. Success!

Yeah, this was completely embarrassing. And to make it worse, our neighbors (whom we've never spoken to) were watching pretty much the whole time. We still haven't spoken to them.

The end.