Monday, June 29, 2009

timanda and baby-face rowan. and a secret surprise.


Baby-face Rowan (OH CUTE!)Golltim or perhaps Gollimmy-boy (Gollum/Tim/Timmy boy)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm so domestic.

Yesterday, I
baked bread
mended clothes

Beyond my wildest dreams, that's what this is.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new blender. again.

Folks, here's the blender we got this time. We've used it once so far, and it seems promising. Although it would be nice to buy something much more expensive and much more nice, we are poor. Even though we're obsessed.

But in other news, I found an excellent muffin recipe using whole wheat flour and yogurt. It ended up being bread because we don't have a muffin pan, but I felt like it was healthy because it contained only 1/4 c. butter and 1/2 c. sugar. Also delicious. There seem to be a bunch of good recipes on this website . . . let's get started cooking with yogurt, I guess. Who knew? I wonder who gets these ideas, anyway. I'd like to know.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Tim and I are obsessed with smoothies. We go to Costco and buy bags of mixed frozen fruit and then Odwalla orange juice for specifically this purpose. So amazing. And definitely lots of fruit. Pure fruit. Frozen fruit + banana+ orange juice = amazing smoothie.

But we are having problems with blenders.

First, we bought this one:
Which was good. In fact, it was great! . . . for a while. THEN I tried to blend mashed potatoes in it on Wednesday night, and it died. Completely.

So sad. I think Tim was crying in fact.

Then, the next day, our smoothie withdrawals got so terrible that we went out and bought this one with the help of a gift card (wedding present):

Unfortunately . . .

Well, let's just say we're taking it back. I even taped up the box so it looks like we NEVER used it. I can't deal with a new blender working like this?

Where can I find a decent smoothie blender?!?!?! Blenders are just notorious for not lasting very long. And I don't appreciate it. I also don't appreciate how lots of times when you get smoothies at Jamba Juice, they have little fruit chunks in them. Obviously their blenders aren't that great either. I also don't appreciate that they cost so freaking ridiculously much. AND how they add sugar. Not that either.

OUR SMOOTHIES ARE BETTER. But we need a better blender.