Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Maya 9.5 months

We wrote this post a bit ago, when Maya was actually closer to 9.5 months in age, but she is now nearly 11 months old! Time flies. This is how long it took me to get the photos off the real camera that I took.

Here's the actual post:

Little Maya has two little teeth on the bottom and is working on the top ones. She's not great at staying asleep when teething, and fevered once because of it, but otherwise it does not seem to bother her. She's been teething since the end of August.

She is crawling for reals and getting around quite proficiently. She started army crawling about two months ago, and for a moment she regressed because we only have hard floors in our current apartment here in North Carolina. Now she's overcoming that and she's entertaining herself by getting into ALL THE THINGS!

Speaking of things Shepherd never did (in addition to her interest in mobility and being entertained without parental attention), Maya wants to eat ALL THE FOOD! I'm fairly certain Shep had no added/refined sugar the first 12 months of his life. That's also because he had like zero table food and was quite content to nurse and never eat anything else. This girl. She grabs anything on your plate, in your hands, anywhere, and if it is food, it goes in her mouth. She also puts other things in her mouth but generally doesn't try to eat non-food items.

Tons of smiling and laughter all the time. She is such a happy baby now. She has always been fairly chill, but now she really emotes and it's fun to play with her. She never really concerned herself with her father but now she (finally!) loves attention from daddy, especially when he throws her and spins her and swings her upside down. She is into rough housing in general, or, given her limited mobility and developing motor control, being rough housed. Her older brother will jump on her, lay on her, push her, knock her over, and, in her mind (not ours), it is great. Though these sessions usually do end with her crying. Often, we tell him "Stop!" And his response is, "Maya likes it!" And, well, can't argue with that? But pretty much everything her brother does is funny. ALL OF IT! Unless she is hungry or tired, he is her clear favorite. She loves it when we chase him and hold her at his level so she thinks she is chasing him, and she has loved this ever since she was big enough to hold up her head, pretty much. She is much more content without parental attention probably because Brother's always around, and he's just so interesting. I've thought even from the time she was a newborn that she was just more content about life probably because she had him to watch. Poor Shep and the humans he had around. No wonder he cried all the time.

Maya is really into putting things into containers right now; it seems to be her thing. I also think she would really love one of those walker toys. She loves pulling herself up on Shep's trike. Unfortunately I got rid of the one we had for Shep and have yet to get one for her. She's getting pretty speedy with her crawling though!

Cheers, Maya. We love having you around.