Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hair cutting is hard!/Clipper Catastrophe!

T: "Hey! You could cut my hair tonight!"

A: "Yeah! I've never cut, especially boys', hair before in my life, but that shouldn't matter, should it? How hard can it be?"

T: "Of course not! It will be so easy. You just take the clippers and start clipping and then you cut the top with sissors!"

A: (Starts cutting. When it doesn't go so well, cuts a bit more. It takes a long time. It is very messy--hair gets everywhere.)

T: (Looks in the mirror. Panic begins to set in.) This is not even. Oh my gosh! Why is it so short here and so long back here?!?! (In his panicked state, Tim runs into the bathroom and proceeds to buzz his head with a shorter clipper attachment.)

(He's mentioned this desire before, just to see "how bald I really am." Amanda has been against it. Baldness should come naturally. We all know it's inevitable, so why speed the process?)

Discovery: Tim is getting pretty bald, but at this stage, it's patchy thinning. Buzzed head maybe isn't the best hairstyle choice? Good thing hair grows.

Oh and just for comparison purposes, let's just see an old picture of Tim from who knows when . . .

P.S. This incident also involved the only time that I actually have witnessed Tim crying.