Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner at the Temple

Yesterday, prior to attending a temple session, Amanda and I had dinner in the cafeteria of the Provo Utah LDS temple--a new experience for the both of us. As many of our Mormon readers know, the temple is probably the pinnacle of Mormon experience, the place where it is easiest to feel spiritual enlightenment and to learn more about our existence in mortal life as well as the life before and the life after. Which made the temple cafeteria experience interesting.

While the rest of the temple may be inspired by God, to say that its cafeteria is also would be a serious trial of faith for me. The two beef enchiladas that Manda and I shared (the other choice was brautwerste, yes brautwerste not bratwurst) were mushy from grease. It was hard to tell where the tortilla ended and the beef began. The side of mixed vegetables was sorta tasteless and the Cajun red beans and rice only tasted of Cajun. Excessive Cajun.

This is funny because I have such high expectations about temple experience that are often rewarded. I just assumed that the would be true of all aspects of the temple. Of course, it is good that the temple is trying to save church tithing funds and feed hungry (perhaps desperately hungry?) temple patrons for a good price. I guess that must mean bad, unhealthy food.


  1. That is disappointing indeed. For what it's worth, I can totally vouch for the cafeterias in Ogden and Bountiful. They are so yummy!!! You'll have to give them a go sometime and renew your positive outlook on temple nights :) P.S. Look for cheesecake.

  2. I Found you! This is why you never return my phone calls anymore! You're BLOGGING!!! I should have known

  3. You should try the breakfast. I quite enjoyed it.