Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Christmas Tree

My friend whose blog I like to read posted this link on her blog yesterday. The post is so fitting, because this is what Tim and I were doing the other night:

And you can bet your bottom dollar we were unashamedly listening to Sujfan Stevens's Christmas album(s) at the moment this picture was taken. (The music is marvelous, really. And as Tim would say, "refreshingly Christian." Not that commercialized stuff you get so often--which can sometimes be good, and sometimes really not that great, like Lady Gaga's little song "Christmas Tree." What the heck? Not that great--It's ironic that the post would talk about how white people like Sufjan Stevens's Christmas music, because the post also talks about how white people like to dissociate themselves from the imposing Christianity of the Christmas holiday.)

In any case, we got a Christmas tree. This is uber-exciting for the following reasons (and maybe more that I can't think of):

1. I have never once, at least in my recollection, have had a live Christmas tree. (We always had an artificial tree.) They smell nice!
2. My family hasn't had a Christmas tree up, decorated, with presents under it for quite some time. Mostly because there are no young'uns around to get really excited about it, so no one much cares. (But I'm excited about this one in my new home.)

Thus, I will post more pictures.

It is hard to get a good picture of a Christmas tree.

Silly Tim! You are not supposed to WEAR stockings!

Oh, and this one is probably my favorite because it features Mister Gnome Man, whom we have adopted (as we might a child), and whom I intend to keep for as long as possible.


  1. I think what really endeared me to that Gnome-man was when he was outside on the porch and the wind knocked him over and broke him. That's when I took him in and glued him back to health. And I won't let him go out anymore, because it is too dangerous.

  2. Why you gotta say crap about Lady Gaga?!

  3. I'm so glad that I could see the two of you at Wal-mart and now see the finished project of the tree. I think I'm more excited that I could see Tim wearing stockings and read the story of Tim the pirate.

  4. what a lovely christmas tree! rye and I still cherish our first tree too! Hey, could we have your address? We're looking to send you a christmas card real soon!