Wednesday, January 5, 2011

bang it

Today I was chatting with a coworker who is coordinating a project I'm working on. She was chatting with me to set up a due date for one of my edits. The following messages were exchanged after she asked me when I could complete my edit:

me: ummm, probably monday/tuesday sometime?

coworker: Okay :) Lets due [sic] Tuesday COB.

me: ok

me: bang it!!!!!!!!

coworker: bang it?

Errrr . . .

Tim is a champ at accidentally transmitting seemingly inappropriate messages to unsuspecting coworkers. In his defense, he thought his message was going to a friend we both know; he didn't mean anything crass by typing it. And he's kind of embarrassed it went to someone else. But the jury is still out on the meaning of "bang it": benign or raunchy? You decide.


  1. Well, of course my first thought is the raunchy one. But we know I'm always inappropriate.

  2. Have you ever played the card game Bang! ? I think it's funny when people are playing and say "I just banged you" or "I'm going to bang him". And then I giggle inside, 'cause no one else seems to think it's inappropriate :)

  3. Becky is my new favorite person.