Friday, January 20, 2012

the apps are in!

The PhD applications are submitted! Actually, they have been for a while, but this is the first the blog's heard about it. Where we'll be come August is entirely up in the air at this point (no one has sent letters begging Tim to come to their school and offering him money to do so . . . yet), but it could be one of the 9 cities pinned in the picture above (west-east/north-south: Seattle, Washington; Eugene, Oregon; Davis, California; Berkeley, California; Santa Barbara, California; Los Angeles, California; Lubbock, Texas; Austin, Texas; Houston, Texas). And if the PhD thing doesn't work out, Plan B could place somewhere else entirely, maybe even plant us in Utah longer. The possibilities! The uncertainty!

If you could have your pick of any of these cities, where would you go to live for the next three to five and some-odd years?


  1. Ooooh, exciting! Well, since I have never been to any of those places, if it were me, I'd want to go to . . . Lubbock! I bet the weather is awesome, and I've heard Texas is a pretty cheap place to live (especially compared to all your CA options). Also, there's a chiropractic school in Texas that I kind of wanted Jeff to go to, instead of the one in stinking IOWA, and I bemoaned his poor choice of school location every winter. Do you guys have a preference?

  2. I would take Austin, Texas! I love Texas, and it would be semi close to Sea World that's in San Antonio and to the Beach, but not close enough to get hurricanes. It would be humid and hot but cost of living is less than here in Utah, and much cheaper than Cali.

  3. Los Angeles!! I'm moving back in July--that would be PERFECT!

    P.S. I clicked on this link thinking it was about android apps. Because I just got one yesterday! And I don't know what are good apps.

  4. Seattle :) I'd be excited about visiting you there.