Tuesday, February 14, 2012

attempts at Valentine's Day festivities

Our classic pesto-tomato-mozzarella pizza with a romantic twist . . . 

and let's not forget the so-appropriate pizza slicer. (Lest ye think that I'm super festive, I should point out that we received this apparatus as a gift from Tim's step-mom, Joleen, a while back. It's never felt better to use it than today, though.)


  1. 1) This is not an attempt. This is a full-blown you've celebrated Valentine's Day. You made a heart-shaped pizza. From scratch. And then you cut it with a pizza cutter with the word 'love' cut into it. So don't go trying to pawn this off as some attempt. A little enthusiasm would be nice, though. Just to spruce the attempt up. Something like, "I'm freaking awesome because I made a heart-shaped pizza!"
    2) Remember how you told me you had no plans for Valentine's day? That would have been a perfect occasion to say something along the lines of, "well, we don't really have any plans, but I am contemplating the construction of a fantastically delicious, heart-shaped pizza." Then I could have said something like, "Best. Valentine's day. Celebration. EVER!!" I think it would have worked quite nicely.
    3) I'm currently reading The Bread Baker's Apprentice. I thought of it because he says somewhere near the beginning (maybe in the intro?) that amazing crust is a key ingredient to delicious pizza. Yours looks nice and crusty. Yumm

  2. I feel like I made a comment on this saying I was very jealous and it is no longer here...was it on your other blog perchance?