Thursday, March 1, 2012


This morning, Tim calls out to me, "Amanda, come look at this!"

I come out to the front room and see Tim as pictured. "I can feel my uterus moving toward my ribs!" he says.

Silly boy. You don't have a womb.

So thanks to Tim's contraption, I'm hanging out upside down in an attempt to jostle this baby into head-down position. Silly baby.

Tim's contraption has also necessitated a complete rearrangement of our apartment, as the board being used is the top of the computer desk that formerly housed his desktop machine. I think we're pretty pleased about the adjustments. I'd post pictures just to prove that is possible to rearrange furniture in a <500 sq. ft. apartment, but it's still a mess.


  1. Come on baby turn!!!!! TURN and put your head down the way its supposed to be!!!!! I hope it works for you!!!

  2. Babies can be so naughty sometimes! Have you checked out They have quite a few tips on how to get babies into the right position. Good luck! Peter insisted on being "sunnyside-up" until the last second. Hopefully your little guy will cooperate sooner. And don't forget prayer! It tends to work wonders. ;)