Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Apparently there is a reason that rotary cutters have guards on them. They are sharp and should not be left on the floor. Shep found that out by getting a rather deep cut that ended up with us in the Primary Children's emergency room last Saturday because the urgent care clinic doesn't offer any sedation when doing stitches. I felt like I deserved the mother of the year award for being awesome and facilitating the whole incident. So instead of the million other things it seemed like we had planned, we spent the morning with our little trooper in PCMC. But now the stitches are out and the wound is healing fine, and we can finally go swimming again.


  1. Poor Shep! I feel so bad for you and for him, because that sounds like it would have been hard on the both of you. I'm glad he's doing better. How is it that kids find everything dangerous? Last year, Scarlet somehow found a NAIL and was chewing on it before I discovered it and took it away.

  2. Sad! Don't beat yourself up--these things happen. My nephew had a similar accident at Shep's age involving finding his mom's razor under the bathroom sink.