Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maya 12 months

Maya turned one! I can't believe it's been a year. And what a whirlwind year it was. Poor thing didn't get much of a birthday celebration because we were moving the day of her birthday, but she's changing all the time! I know I just posted about her, but I wanted to remember some other things about what she's doing right now:

  • Interested in walking but only if her hands are being held. Daddy helped her walk up and down the stairs several times the other night, so she was in heaven.
  • Also sometimes when we're holding her hands, she'll bend her knees and start bouncing. She's into jumping and bouncing overall. 
  • Not so interested in eating food lately, but super interested in feeding other people! It's funny and her favorite thing.
  • She really likes carrying around little objects like chapstick or toothpaste tubes or things like that.
  • 4 teeth total have broken through on the top, and 3 on the bottom.
  • Maya HATES strangers! She really really doesn't like other people or other kids. This is kind of funny to me. She has deep, deep stranger anxiety. I don't know if I'm recalling incorrectly or not, but it seems worse even than Shep's stranger danger. Shep when he was a baby seemed okay with kids or other babies, but even if other kids or babies get in Maya's bubble when I'm not holding her, she will lose it. And sometimes even when she is in my arms. 
  • Maya seems a little less chill than she used to be--she must be sensing all the changes that have gone down over here and the general limbo that we seem to be living in. She is rather clingy and doesn't like to play by herself or be put down a lot lately.

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