Monday, April 19, 2010

movin' on out

So Tim and I are moving to a new apartment for the spring and summer. We move sometime next week. It's a large apartment complex normally just rented out to single students, but during the summer, they open it to families/couples, also, for cheaper than you might find elsewhere. Depending. We feel this is a good choice for the following reasons (as well as the aforementioned low, low price): Tim's excited for (1) the second bedroom that he have for an office/music studio . . . I'm excited to have (2) air conditioning and (3) a kitchen that doesn't have carpet. It's only about a block and a half from where we live now, so we don't expect the move to be very difficult (also good). In any case, we've been packing up stuff in boxes and are currently in a halfway state.

But first we had to find boxes, so we've been dumpster-diving (this activity may have questionable legality, perhaps) for those at various retailers in the Provo/Orem locale. On Saturday, after a glorious trip to Costco during which we tested all the office chairs they had, and during which Tim mournfully sighed that he would like an office chair (knowing the implausibility of the purchase) since he only really has a stool now, we were perusing the dumpster behind Office Depot and found this beaut:

And guess what? I found it for $249.99 here! Hot dog, what a find. (Happy Anniversary to you, Tim. This may or may not be my gift of love.) Ok, so maybe it's not worth that much anymore, but it's good as new to us. Almost. As you can see, someone had the good sense to slash it and desecrate it with permanent marker first. (Who does that, anyway?) And, as you can see, we thought duct tape might be just the thing. But we reconsidered, and now I've taken to stitching the gashes with ole-fashioned needle and thread. After hours of stitching, Frankenstein is almost complete (yeah, I'm no pro, but whatev). I also used a Magic Eraser to remove most of the permanent marker, although it didn't come off completely. They are truly magical: when I wrote in permanent marker on my fridge freshman year at Heritage Halls, they worked perfectly.

The end of the very long post.


  1. It makes me very happy to know the following things:
    1) Tim will have a music room
    2) Tim will have an office chair for said music room

  2. Yay! congratulations! :) And the store chops up the stuff so people wont want to take it.. but that NEVER stops just ruins it! :) i would just stick a blanket over the chair..:) Yay! :) good find!

  3. get brown "leather" tape at the home improvement stores--congrats on the discovery of this beaut

  4. Yay! I'm glad you found an office chair--but it's super lame that they slashed it up like that. Super lame. Not very eco-friendly, is it?

    Good luck moving. Let me know if you need any help!

  5. That's so great! I love cheap finds, especially when you've resigned yourself to the impossibility of getting something! hope the new place works out!