Monday, April 26, 2010

anniversary no. 1

So we went to the same place we went on April 23, 2009, which was that day we got married last year: Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City.

I think the addition of the hot tub this year was worth it. Unfortunately we don't have pictures of that part. We didn't remember about taking pictures until we were on our way out--that explains why the pictures look like this:

What do we do when we go to a 5-star hotel? What any lower middle class person would do, of course! We take what we pay for (which actually isn't that much, comparatively, because of their Spring Renewal Package promotion--dinner included). So we are now the proud owners of the following complimentary items:

Box of tissues
Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap
Exfoliating scrubber
Nail files
Individual packets of q-tips and cotton balls
Dish soap**
Hot chocolate

*My favorite. Who does that, honestly?
** I wasn't going to grab this, but then we used some of it, so I figured it was better in our bag than in the garbage.
***We don't even drink coffee. I brought it with me to work today in the hopes that someone who does drink coffee appreciates it.

We talked about taking the TV (we don't have one), but I guess we thought that would be a little too conspicuous.

To show our appreciation to the nice people at Stein Lodge, we made it easy for their housekeeping folk by doing some work for them. We bundled our garbage and dirty linens, washed our dirty dishes, and we even left our leftovers from dinner in the little fridge (that one was an accident, actually).

So, happy anniversary to us. Also, I wish to publish abroad the fact that Tim is planning on the U for grad school. Yippeee!


  1. Has it been a year already?! That is unreal. Congratulations you two and way to celebrate in style!

  2. so much fun! haha, anniversaries are the best. I love 'em! And yes, you have rights to all that you've paid for!