Monday, September 27, 2010

had an itch

I hope by this point that Tim doesn't feel embarrassed for doing this, because I think it is HILARIOUS and just had to share.

Yesterday Tim was reading and had an itch on his arm. He scratched his arm with his pen but did not realize the pen was not clicked off (an honest mistake—those little clicky pens can be deceiving). The picture depicts the result. (Poor Tim, he looks so ashamed!) The best part was when he called me to come into the room and he confessed all. (I wish you could have been there.)

After laughing hysterically, I pulled out my camera to document it. Suspecting I would put it on my blog, he protested, saying it was embarrassing because he was actually conscious for "this one," as opposed to the other funny, random, and amazing stuff, which happens when he's only semi-conscious (and which you don't know the half of, unfortunately). On that note, can I just say that I love early mornings with Tim? I'm usually somewhat grumpy and he is the most hilarious human alive.

I love him because he let me post this.


  1. I love you too (still embarrassed!)

  2. Awesome! And I think you need to document more of his morning weirdness.

  3. I hope this wasn't yesterday because that was the shirt I saw Tim wearing on Saturday. That would be doubly embarrassing if it were the same one. You need to use your neighbor's washing machine more. :)

    That happens to everyone, though. Tim really shouldn't be embarrassed.

  4. OH MY GOSH. I died when I read this! Hahahahaa. Tim is awesome for letting you post about it. I loved this post.

  5. I wish I could have been there, too!

    Tim is a valiant soul. He has provided all of AD with countless hours of amusement with these stories. WGU <3's Tim.