Tuesday, November 16, 2010

pasta pasta

So I have been on a pasta-making kick recently for reasons unknown.

Last week I made gnocchi:

Last night I made . . . ravioli? Tortellini? Some formless sort of stuffed pasta. That's better.

The dough was so easy to make, and when I was rolling it out, I said to Tim, "I should make all of our pasta myself!" But by the end of it all I no longer wanted to make all our pasta myself. It's laborious.

Formless, see?

I made a filling with ground chicken, spinach, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese, which sounds better than it actually was, but the best part was when I put two chicken breasts in the food processor to grind them up. I should have cut them into smaller pieces probably before I put them in the food processor, because when I turned it on, the lid came unscrewed due to the crazy balance in the bowl. The chicken shot up and out of the bowl and slammed into the wall, knocking out a tealight candle on its way.

I really want to see this moment recorded, but unfortunately this part was not caught on camera.

Still fun though.

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  1. Well, look at you, little Miss Culinary Fancy-Pants! Your pasta does indeed sound delicious. I've always thought of pasta-making as extremely advanced (I've never tried it, so I have no idea how hard it is, but it has always seemed difficult to me), so I'm highly impressed.

  2. Adopt me. I want to eat your foooooooood.

  3. I also wish that the chicken moment had been caught on video. I laughed just imagining it. And you totally should adopt Margaret. She'd make you feel so good about anything you ever made! :)

  4. Yeah the flying chicken made me laugh out loud too, even without a video.

  5. Does your gnocchi have gluten in it? Btw it looks amazing! - Karisa