Monday, June 13, 2011

no-sugar day 13

One unanticipated restriction of the no-sugar diet is that we can't really go out to eat, which is probably a good thing. But we haven't been as strict as we maybe should be, and last week we bought some food from a restaurant that almost definitely uses refined sugar. No question about it. Most restaurants probably do (refined sugar, meet sauce), and unless you have access to ingredient lists, which aren't usually made available in restaurants (why not, anyway?), then you can feign ignorance.

It was kind of desperate, as most of our eating out situations seem. (And desperate times-->desperate measures, right?) Rarely do we PLAN to go out. But sometimes we neglect to plan anything else and as a result of dire starvation and time constraints, or sometimes peer pressure, we break down in the face of, in this case, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.

I guess in the vein of full disclosure I should also confess that we ate at Cafe Rio on Saturday due to the spontaneous invitation of a friend who we were transporting from the airport. It would've been rude to say no.

In some ways we've been willfully ignorant. I can safely say that we haven't purchased any groceries that include refined sugar, but we may have freely sampled sugary items when they've been presented to us (other people offering us bits of food, samples at Costco, BYU chocolate milk at the end of a Welfare Square tour . . . actually, that last one didn't involve ignorance in the least, but it was drunk by Tim anyway). We've also used some existing items that don't comply with regulation here and there.

So basically things are going . . . well.


  1. Haha! I can't imagine how hard that would be! On the plus side, I recently sampled some of that chocolate myself and I thought it was worth every bit of that refined sugar :)

  2. I'm really in awe of you for this one. I've contemplated it, but I just never have the discipline to go through with it. I honestly think the time of planning everything is my biggest obstacle. Do you feel a lot better?