Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shep at 10 weeks

Things to remember about the little mister right now (he does not prove the following generalizations to be true in all instances):
  • Is occasionally okay with being set down and left to his own devices and is starting to like being carried facing outward
  • Doesn't fall asleep or stay asleep during the day well most of the time (only seems to sleep well during the day if we are carrying him while walking or hiking)
  • Sleeps fairly well at night when we are lying down with him in the bed

    (Ha! Tim has a pillow on his face!)
  • Smiles and coos! (He used to smile socially only in the morning but is smiling more and more often throughout the day now.)

  • Fusses often but inconsistently (We hope we're getting through this colicky phase soon. Having a screaming baby in public can be a little mortifying.)
  • Kicks his legs like crazy when he's mad and, with help balancing, can support his weight (He also does a funny fist pump and jittery arm thing when upset.)

  • Is growing out of his newborn clothes, which were huge on him at first (!!!)

    April 16, 2012 (Not excited to be leaving the hospital, oddly enough.)

    June 21, 2012 (Matchy crying face! He hates having hats put on his head generally.)
  • Has been in six states including Utah since he was born (we took him on two road trips through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and California) and has survived the long car trips.

    Hey, Shep, do you remember that one time you saw the ocean in San Francisco?
  • Occasionally opens his right eye wider than his left, which looks pretty buggy

  • Widens his eyes really big every time we go under an overpass, in a tunnel, parking garage, etc.(It seems to be the only thing we can count on with this guy!)
  • Has regrown the hair on top of his head that he was born with and then lost (His baldness pattern resembled Grandpa Rowan's)
  • Nurses pretty much everywhere we take him (Yellowstone, San Francisco, camping, restaurants, church, etc.) . . . I hope I am not offending anyone (wearing a cover). This results in odd trip photos.
  • Started taking a bottle in the car and a binky a few weeks ago; rode in his stroller once when we took him on Trax (we felt like we were playing house pushing him around in the stroller)

  • Seems to respond to being called Shepherd, though we call him "baby," "little man," and other various epithets perhaps more often


  1. His smile melts my heart! You guys have been serious travel bugs. I can't believe how many adventures Shep has had in his short life!

  2. Your baby makes the best faces!

  3. Totally ADORBS! I love these pictures. Also, way to go on the family travels! You guys are so cool and do such fun things. Love this update.

  4. Love him! Love you guys! I can't believe you've gone on so many trips! What on earth?

  5. Love the pics. I have many a photos with the nursing cover on me. I call it fast food service that is open 24/7 for my baby.