Friday, October 26, 2012

bodies bodies everywhere!

I did most of Tim's custodial duties at the funeral home today. Normally I stay mostly in the apartment and don't have much contact with the mortuary proper, but I have noticed it's been oddly busy lately. I mentioned this to my friend and co-worker Heather earlier, and she suggested it could be in response to the cold weather. Like some sort of fatal seasonal affective disorder. I think that makes sense, because I had noticed that increase in activity at the funeral home seemed to correlate with the decrease in temperatures outside. . .

Basically it's like a party round the clock here. I think I saw about 10 bodies today. It's a little unnerving to open a door and not know if there's a body behind it. (The answer is yes.) I know I saw at least 5 bodies in various states. I even got a look at the preservation room! I asked to see it, out of curiosity. There were 3 bodies in there at the time. 4 actually. The funeral directors showed me the machine that replaces the blood and told me a bit about the preservation process. Neato.


  1. When I was working full time at the library you have the option of donating part of your paycheck to the Funeral Fund which goes to donations for when retired employees pass on. The lady informed us that should we opt into this to be aware that there is a significantly higher need for these funds around the holidays. Maybe it is the cold, or the opportunity for one last family gathering?

  2. You WOULD think that was neat. I, on the other hand, would be having nightmares and panic attacks. Again I say, you think I live an interesting life? Your goings on trump mine hands down.

  3. That's a lot of bodies. Perfect preparation for Halloween!