Wednesday, October 19, 2011

it's that time of year

There was a coupon at Costco for this hot cocoa mix, so of course we had to get it. We take our hot cocoa seriously around here. One of the few kitchen appliances we own is a Cocoa Latte. You might say that buying a mix for hot cocoa is sort of excessive because you can easily make hot cocoa from scratch (and cocoa from scratch is a pretty good way to go), but novelty and coupon savings called.

And we're quite pleased. We purchased the 56-serving container on October 15 (four days ago!) and it's approximately halfway gone.

Pathetic? Maybe slightly.


  1. I'm glad you clarified about why you bought cocoa mix--particularly something hoity toity like Starbucks cocoa mix--since in light of your normal frugality I was getting seriously concerned for your mental health. I'm also slightly jealous you have a Cocoa Latte and that you know how to make hot chocolate from scratch. Ok. The end.

  2. Is a cocoa latte like a cocomotion?

  3. Dang, you guys take your hot cocoa seriously!