Friday, October 28, 2011

It's a . . .


It seems like this might be the only time posting pictures of someone's genitalia online is acceptable (Something about it being an ultrasound picture makes it okay, right?), so I better take advantage while I have the chance! We showed this picture to Tim's mom last night after we found out and she couldn't stop making hilarious comments about Baby's "woo hoo."

Congratulations to the winners who left comments (Rach, Hilary, Marci, Heather, Rachel, Margaret, April, Holly)! I will contact you individually for mailing addresses: this prize is the real deal.

Also, a couple of other guesses deserve mention:

Jon: "You will give birth to a genderless child. Think Ken doll."
Cole : "Eunuch" (guessed via Facebook)

As Tim astutely points out, Cole is technically correct. And I might have considered Jon's guess if the sonographer had been unable to determine the sex. It gave us a good laugh, though.

Tim himself is disappointed about not winning a prize, but we're excited to meet this little guy.

P.S. In case you were wondering, normally I wouldn't have found out Baby's gender for a few more weeks, but I'm participating in this study called NuMom2B. It's fun because they do three ultrasounds as part of the study, and I don't have to pay for them. :)


  1. Free ultrasounds? Saweet! Congrats! I was totally nervous to have boys, but they are awesome!

  2. Child porn? Really, Amanda?! Jay kay. I really don't understand how people can see anything in ultrasounds. It's just a black/white/gray mess to me. So thanks for telling me it's a boy and not just posting the picture. I would've been clueless for a long time!

  3. YAAAAAY! Sorry I didn't guess. I am just now reading your posts. Let it be noted though that I would have guessed a boy :) Just remember, predicting early is risky, at least it was in our case. Either way though, congrats. We are THRILLED for you!!

  4. I can't believe you were serious about the prizes! You guys are cool. Isn't it the opposite way of gift giving? Not that I'm complaining about it or anything...

  5. That's awesome! I was so glad to find out! Any names?